Give someone an inch and they take a mile in the car, give someone a standard car and they make it faster.

Aftermarket upgrade kits are in some form or for most of the cars you can imagine, and of course that goes to supercars, especially on the Lamborghini Huracan.

Despite one of the fastest acceleration vehicles in the industry, the tuners of Lamborghinis are fascinated V10 engine supercar from the moment it premiered in 2014 and recently, tuner from Russia got their hands on the car.

This particular Huracan, like the love child between Green Lantern and a Batmobile, was equipped with a pair of turbochargers that lead to an astounding 1,439 horsepower on all four wheels, more than enough to have a Bugatti Chiron quiver with Anxiety. Recently, it has recorded a pounding 8.3-second quarter-mile sprint.

With a little fine tuning, this Huracan should comfortably dive into the 7-second bracket.